DEWALT has been one of the world’s top manufacturers or maker of quality and durable heavy duty equipments. For years the constant and nagging problem of people in the construction industry is to find a tool or set of power tools that could very well provide for real heavy duty service and at the same quality workmanship at an affordable price. It is a given reality as well that good tools do not come cheap, even those made by not so popular brands often also come a bit pricy. DEWALT on the other hand is fortunate to have in their team engineering experts that help design and produce machines that give fast, professional, durable and quality services.


The DEWALT DC970K-2 is one of the tools that the company produced which have through recent times receive many positive reviews from certified product users. So far the service provided by their network has been unmatched in the industry, which is why people have absolute confidence and confidence with equipments they come up with and the job the latter can provide.

The DEWALT DC970K-2 has the following features and specifications to offer and provide, and they are:

  • It is a compact and small size machine that make it possible to fit and use even into the tightest and most limited of conditions
  • They come in convenient lightweight design with only about 5.2 pounds to its actual weight; this is wonderful news for users who have been looking for a tool that effectively  minimize user fatigue and stress from work
  • One power tool that can offer high performance with a motor that delivers maximum power of over 380 unit watts out
  • A versatile tool made better with its dual speed range, of between 0-450 as well as 0-1,500 rpm, it is sure to deliver optimal performance and service at all time
  • A complete and perfect work tool with its 1/2-inch single sleeve key-less ratcheting chuck that assures tighter bit grip until the end of usage
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There are so many tools in the market to choose from and this is good news to customers. This is why the challenge is to pick the best from the rest.


Robert Bosch is the founder of the Bosch company we know of today. The Bosch Incorporated is actually a regional branch of the Bosch Group, the latter being a leading global manufacturer and supplier of automotive as well as industrial technology, consumer goods, and of course building technology, hence the advent and immediate popularity of power tools in the market.

Robert Bosch Inc. is an establishment that is definitely a 100% subsidiary company of the Robert Bosch GmbH, set in Germany.  Bosch through the years managed to establish its market presence all over the world, though it begun in Europe it has somehow extended its influence to as far as Asian countries like in the Philippines. There is just no limit to what this company can accomplish and do for workers worldwide. For this, it is then no wonder that contractors, plumbers, architects, engineers, mechanics carpenters and other like workers are in constant vigil to discover and see any new offerings coming from this manufacturer. And with the introduction and release of the Bosch 25618-02 Bosch has once again made many loyal customer happy, as evident with the great reviews the latter have been receiving from people who have and use the tool at work or at home with repairs or projects that they have. The Bosch 25618-02 is an 18 volts impactor driver. By definition an impactor is an object or an instrument, in this case a device that is used to make an impaction or a large indention on any surface. Indeed, with this new innovation on can easily see how Bosch has really tried its best efforts to think of anything else their user may need in a work tool or instrument.

The Bosch 25618 impactor driver has the following features and specifications to offer:

  • It is a tool which is  about 25- percent lighter than those of its  competition
  • This a device that is most likely to be one of the most compact; which is about 25-percent shorter than its nearest competition. A  most compact power tool design  with only 5.7-inch long actual length
  • It guarantees faster and better, not to mention more torque with approximately  2,800 RPM and 0,169477244 (N*m) of torque
  • It is one tool with the highest BPM in its category , more than 3,200 BPM
  • Comes with a built in Led working light too
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In the year 1886, Robert Bosch founded the group called the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in an area in Stuttgart. Little did they know that from such a simple beginning would lead to the birth of today’s globally popular, active and well known Robert Bosch GmbH. It was from the very start, the company’s objective to provide and great engineering concepts and design to provide for precision and quality mechanic workmanship into the industry. Tracing through the company’s history, the latter’s work has been characterized by its innovative drive and social commitment to manufacturer the best type of tools possible. They have to their belt over 125 years of unblemished production record.

This is probably why instant notice and appreciation was immediately bestowed on the release of the Bosch 17618 to the market. The 17618 is an 18 volts ½ inch brute tough cordless hammer drill and driver by Bosch. This versatile tool has the following features and specifications to boast of:

  • Its features include a dual speed variable which ranges between  0-475 and also from 0-2,050 RPM and 30,750 BPM
  •  This power tool is with a 73.440138866 (N*m) of torque pure power guaranteed
  • Part of its specifications is the Bosch durasheild housing as well as a uni-body power train that could easily withstand real world weather and tough work conditions
  • It is proud of its state-of-art lithium-ion battery technology feature  coupled with Bosch company’s proprietary ECP or also known as the Electronic Cell Protection, a system that guarantees among other things of the latter’s  optimal performance and durability
  • This combo heavy duty package comes with a 1/2-inch metal chuck for increased and assured tool durability and strength
  • An extra feature which is really very helpful and useful is the machine’s built in LED work light, which make it great for continued work even on dark, enclosed and limited job areas
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Indeed, this latest contribution by Bosch to alleviate the strain and stress of the working man is another evidence of the corporation’s continued commitment to quality service and user convenience.

Makita is without one of the world’s leading brand names when it comes to production of quality, durable and flawless power tool performance.  This company which originated from Japan has from the beginning an aim to become the best supplier of electric power tools known in the world, an objective that by all accounts the latter has made into a reality and continuously does so. Part of the services and offering of Makita of course like was mentioned, include battery operated power tools, as well as wood working machines, also pneumatic tools and not but the least garden tools all of which makes everyday living much more comfortable and enjoyable, not to mention fun as well.

For years Makita has been relentless in its pursuit to produce quality tools that people can use conveniently, effectively and happily. Durability and quality are primary or top in the list of concerns that Makita have over the tools they make. The latter understand well the demands and responsibilities entailed with the business of manufacturing and distributing power tools to the market and the public at large. The competition for top spot in the hearts of the customers’ is an ongoing quest and Makita ha more than shown and proven its strength and capacity to its competitors. Therefore, with the Makita bare-tool BHP452Z the latter consistently protects its spot at the lead. The Makita BHP452Z is a s said a bare-tool 18 volts cordless ½ inch hammer drill as well as driver; by bare tool it means that the package do not include batteries in it. Other features and specifications of the Makita BHP452Z include the following:

  • This Makita is built with a  4-pole motor that delivers full pack action with 50.843173061 (N*m) of Max Torque, and it also comes with a variable 2-speed all metal transmission with ranges of 0-400  and 0-1,500 RPM as well, this is great for those who are into a wide range of applications
  • It is a tool with a compact, as well as an ergonomic design at only 8-3/4-Inch long and just about weighs 4.2-Pound.
  • This one is with a built-in LED work light to clearly illuminate the work area
  • The power that backs this equipment is from the Makita LXT lithium-ion battery and also with an energy star rated 30-Minute rapid optimum charger that capably produces about 430-percent total lifetime work with 2.5X more cycles than the competition
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DEWALT is a trusted name in the industry of making construction and industrial tools. Gone are the days when contractors, electricians, renovators, plumbers and other like type of workers need to have big muscles and be as strong as an ox in order to qualify for the kind of work that they do. These days the earlier mentioned workmen do not face the same difficult challenges, through the help of creative geniuses and engineering experts focussed on creating tools that have power, durability and quality performance. Through producers like DEWALT workers have a better time fulfilling the work requirements that they have.

The DEWALT DC725KA is a nice contribution to the list of good power tools that workers and users around the world can be happy about. This recent piece of work by DEWALT is a. 18 volts cordless compact hammer drill and driver at the same time. The DEWALT DC725KA has the following features and specifications to offer:

  • It is a heavy duty compact drill and driver, it is just amazing how such a tool can have a compact size that allows its users to fit it easily into tight spaces
  • Other than being small and compact this tool is also lightweight in design with only 4.9 lbs. in actual weight; users are sure to notice minimized muscle fatigue and strain
  • This a power tool with a 1/2-inch single-sleeve ratcheting chuck that effectively reduces bit slippage, great for equipment control and safety use as well
  • A versatile work equipment with a dual-speed range of 0-500 and also 0-1,700 rpm and also range of 0-8,500 and 0-29,000 bpm; this type of tools deliver superior and not to mention optimal performance any time
  • The DEWALT compact drill and driver is guaranteed to provide high-performance with its frameless motor that delivers great maximum power of more than 410 unit watts out
  • Works even better than other tools with its built in LED work light that provides a remarkable increased visibility to work areas in confined spaces
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Scouting for the right tools with the appropriate features is a must before making any decision to purchase.

Milwaukee is one trusted name in the power tools industry and one item that they introduced which really gathered a lot of good reviews is the Milwaukee 2691-22. The 2691-22 is an 18 volts compact drill, as well as an impact driver from Milwaukee. It is indeed one of the most versatile tools available in the market these days. The Milwaukee 2691-22 has the following features and specifications to offer:

  • This is a powerful equipment with a compact drill and driver that delivers 45.19393161 (N*m) of torque; it weighs about  4 pounds and with the length of 7-3/4 inches
  • An equipment with a 1/4-inch hex compact and full of impact with its 4-pole frameless motor that is very capable to deliver 158.178760634 (N*m) of torque
  • It is so convenient to use because it is lightweight, durable, and small and easy to bring around
  • It comes complete with a built-in LED  work lights that are very useful for those who need to work overtime even with poor lighting and on winter when its natural dim around
  • This equipment is with its own battery fuel gauges to help the user determine and estimate how much power is still available; it is also with variable-speed triggers that are useful in making necessary adjustments with the speed as the need arise
  • It also and inclusion of a belt clip for easier tool use
  • A bonus of two extra compact batteries, and a quick charger as well
  • Furthermore, it is backed by a 5-year warranty on the kit
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Milwaukee as mentioned was and is a top leader when it comes to utilizing lithium-ion technology in their products. To have this type of power back the Milwaukee 2691-22 is one sure way to ensure that this tool gets the check mark on those who are in the industry. Great battery technology paired up with power features, this piece of machinery can definitely offer a lot to people who would like to get their money’s worth in tools. It may seem more expensive that most equipments, but when one considers the varied services and quality performance it offers then it is easy to see what a bargain the tool is.


The DCD970KL is a very good tool that was produced and released in the market by DEWALT. It is one of the tools that easily made a lot of notice when it came out because of the impressive features that it had. The DEWALT DCD970KL is actually n 18 volts hammer drill, drill as well as driver tool. It is like getting three power tools in just one kit. Initially, buyers get the impression and reaction that it is an expensive piece of equipment, however given the kind of service and tool performance one is guaranteed to have from such an instrument then the amount paid is actually quite a bargain compared to buying three separate tools.