Makita is without one of the world’s leading brand names when it comes to production of quality, durable and flawless power tool performance.  This company which originated from Japan has from the beginning an aim to become the best supplier of electric power tools known in the world, an objective that by all accounts the latter has made into a reality and continuously does so. Part of the services and offering of Makita of course like was mentioned, include battery operated power tools, as well as wood working machines, also pneumatic tools and not but the least garden tools all of which makes everyday living much more comfortable and enjoyable, not to mention fun as well.

For years Makita has been relentless in its pursuit to produce quality tools that people can use conveniently, effectively and happily. Durability and quality are primary or top in the list of concerns that Makita have over the tools they make. The latter understand well the demands and responsibilities entailed with the business of manufacturing and distributing power tools to the market and the public at large. The competition for top spot in the hearts of the customers’ is an ongoing quest and Makita ha more than shown and proven its strength and capacity to its competitors. Therefore, with the Makita bare-tool BHP452Z the latter consistently protects its spot at the lead. The Makita BHP452Z is a s said a bare-tool 18 volts cordless ½ inch hammer drill as well as driver; by bare tool it means that the package do not include batteries in it. Other features and specifications of the Makita BHP452Z include the following:

  • This Makita is built with a  4-pole motor that delivers full pack action with 50.843173061 (N*m) of Max Torque, and it also comes with a variable 2-speed all metal transmission with ranges of 0-400  and 0-1,500 RPM as well, this is great for those who are into a wide range of applications
  • It is a tool with a compact, as well as an ergonomic design at only 8-3/4-Inch long and just about weighs 4.2-Pound.
  • This one is with a built-in LED work light to clearly illuminate the work area
  • The power that backs this equipment is from the Makita LXT lithium-ion battery and also with an energy star rated 30-Minute rapid optimum charger that capably produces about 430-percent total lifetime work with 2.5X more cycles than the competition
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