Robert Bosch is the founder of the Bosch company we know of today. The Bosch Incorporated is actually a regional branch of the Bosch Group, the latter being a leading global manufacturer and supplier of automotive as well as industrial technology, consumer goods, and of course building technology, hence the advent and immediate popularity of power tools in the market.

Robert Bosch Inc. is an establishment that is definitely a 100% subsidiary company of the Robert Bosch GmbH, set in Germany.  Bosch through the years managed to establish its market presence all over the world, though it begun in Europe it has somehow extended its influence to as far as Asian countries like in the Philippines. There is just no limit to what this company can accomplish and do for workers worldwide. For this, it is then no wonder that contractors, plumbers, architects, engineers, mechanics carpenters and other like workers are in constant vigil to discover and see any new offerings coming from this manufacturer. And with the introduction and release of the Bosch 25618-02 Bosch has once again made many loyal customer happy, as evident with the great reviews the latter have been receiving from people who have and use the tool at work or at home with repairs or projects that they have. The Bosch 25618-02 is an 18 volts impactor driver. By definition an impactor is an object or an instrument, in this case a device that is used to make an impaction or a large indention on any surface. Indeed, with this new innovation on can easily see how Bosch has really tried its best efforts to think of anything else their user may need in a work tool or instrument.

The Bosch 25618 impactor driver has the following features and specifications to offer:

  • It is a tool which is  about 25- percent lighter than those of its  competition
  • This a device that is most likely to be one of the most compact; which is about 25-percent shorter than its nearest competition. A  most compact power tool design  with only 5.7-inch long actual length
  • It guarantees faster and better, not to mention more torque with approximately  2,800 RPM and 0,169477244 (N*m) of torque
  • It is one tool with the highest BPM in its category , more than 3,200 BPM
  • Comes with a built in Led working light too
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