I was commissioned to make the picnic table sets for the place’s local park. For that purpose I had to buy a new drill and driver to help me accomplish the task. I already owned a Makita 12V drill, but after just two years of using it I find that I am not at all happy with the way it has been performing. My complaints about that particular brand and product include:

  • First is the chuck, this drill is most probably the worst ever I have had. For one it easily gets loosened even when doing, minor types of work. This of course leads to a lot of lost and wasted time; time spent checking things out for safety and as well as time used to tighten things up before continuing with the work.
  • My other complained is with the wobble the tool have. It is such an unstable equipment. The wobble really causes a lot of stress both on the hand and on me in general. Just imagine the extra movement added to the already disconcerting vibrations that are already part and parcel of using a drill, drive or hammer for that matter. This type of discomfort I can do without!
  • Another is in its batteries. It had NiCad batteries in it and well considering the amount I paid for it I would expect a better quality of service and performance from the tool and the batteries. Not only that it easily gets drained, it also has the tendency to have a memory defect. Furthermore, with the recent concern about the environment NiCad battery operated equipments just would not do.

Oh well, these are just a few (take note only a few) of my complaints. Having experienced all that, it is now a great reward to finally find a tool that actually works! The Bosch 36618-02 is very well suited not just for light duty and simple tasks by professionals and even for hobbyist.

Other great features of this tool includes:

  • It is a new and compact equipment, with a tough and heavy design  that guarantees for increased manoeuvrability and movement; ideal for projects which will require getting the tool in limited space and curvatures; because of the weight and size it also serves to decrease much of the user’s fatigue. I could work for hours and not feel the effect on my hand and wrist the next day.
  • The Bosch drill and driver also features 0-500/0-1,600 RPM , which includes 56.492414512  (N*m) of torque; really well suited for a variety of tough jobs that may come along
  • It is a tool of variation versatility with its 20-position clutch settings for precise driving applications; what else can I ask for, right?
  • Top of the class and state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology which is coupled with ECP system guarantees the optimal performance of tool and batteries
  • LED light is great for dark or enclosed areas, good for working on extended hours as well
  • For more features click here.