Reviewed by The Chippie.

For someone who has been in the construction industry for the past twenty years or so, I am proudly a DEWALT fan through and through.  DEWALT tools have for almost a century been a trusted partner in the construction industry.

It was only recently when that damn electrician The Local Sparky (a fellow minion and Commander in Chief here at ToolReviewHQ) challenged me to try out what Bosch can also offer.  At first I was adamant that he could keep his Bosch, because I was already very comfortable and satisfied with the performance I get from our mighty DEWALT instruments, however, for the sake of curiosity (and his incessant nagging) I gave in.

I wanted to start with a something similar to my Dewalt 18V workhorse.  He lent me the Bosch 37618-01 as my entry point to this new set of power tools.  Well, to make the long story short I have never been happier trying out something new.

Bosch 18V Cordless Drill

Rugged Good Looks and a Fat As Battery

The Bosch 18VLI Drill/Driver is a must have inclusion to your collection of trusted, reliable, durable and not to mention portable power tools for the site, home, shed, garage or even your tool box.  This product easily boasts of the following features:

*      1/2-Inch metal chuck for increased durability
*      Have a 0-425 or 0-1,800 rpm dual speed range
*      A over 70Nm (650 inch-Pounds) of torque
*      State-of-the-art Bosch durashield housing and uni-body power train that can withstand any type of weather conditions one may encounter when working outdoors
*      The Bosch “litheon” batteries which are one of the leaders in lithium-ion battery technology paired with Bosch’s proprietary ecp or electronic cell protection system, it guarantees the optimal performance of both the tool and its batteries regardless of the thrashing you give it
*      25 Position clutch
*      18-volt Litheon batteries give it it’s grunt and poke

It also comes with the ProVantage, a three-year protection plan, which guarantees two years of battery protection and a year of tool protection – which is pretty damn handy if you thrash these things like I tend to.

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The above-mentioned features of the Bosch 37618-01 make it a great device to have around, and it’s easily become a bit of a go-to drill on site amongst my clowns workers.

My loyalty is still with DEWALT, but the quality of Bosch is also hard to deny. The drill works smoothly; with almost zero difficulty as reported by the peasants my loyal and commited workers who also put it through it’s paces.

Bosch 18V Cordless Drill Review
Just as sexy on the inside

I think that what makes the Bosch 37618-01 effective is that part of its feature includes a unique gear-train system which delivers top class maximum drilling speed, enhanced torque, and longer life span for tool use. The Bosch 37618-01 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Tough Litheon Drill/Driver with Two Fat Pack batteries provides a strong type power tool performance contained in a compact, lightweight design.

To add to its already impressive list of features I find that this drill/driver can actually provide all the versatility and control I need to complete a variety of work done on the site.

I rate it.

You can pick this baby up for far less than what it’s worth at