DEWALT is a trusted name in the industry of making construction and industrial tools. Gone are the days when contractors, electricians, renovators, plumbers and other like type of workers need to have big muscles and be as strong as an ox in order to qualify for the kind of work that they do. These days the earlier mentioned workmen do not face the same difficult challenges, through the help of creative geniuses and engineering experts focussed on creating tools that have power, durability and quality performance. Through producers like DEWALT workers have a better time fulfilling the work requirements that they have.

The DEWALT DC725KA is a nice contribution to the list of good power tools that workers and users around the world can be happy about. This recent piece of work by DEWALT is a. 18 volts cordless compact hammer drill and driver at the same time. The DEWALT DC725KA has the following features and specifications to offer:

  • It is a heavy duty compact drill and driver, it is just amazing how such a tool can have a compact size that allows its users to fit it easily into tight spaces
  • Other than being small and compact this tool is also lightweight in design with only 4.9 lbs. in actual weight; users are sure to notice minimized muscle fatigue and strain
  • This a power tool with a 1/2-inch single-sleeve ratcheting chuck that effectively reduces bit slippage, great for equipment control and safety use as well
  • A versatile work equipment with a dual-speed range of 0-500 and also 0-1,700 rpm and also range of 0-8,500 and 0-29,000 bpm; this type of tools deliver superior and not to mention optimal performance any time
  • The DEWALT compact drill and driver is guaranteed to provide high-performance with its frameless motor that delivers great maximum power of more than 410 unit watts out
  • Works even better than other tools with its built in LED work light that provides a remarkable increased visibility to work areas in confined spaces
  • For more features and specifications click here

Scouting for the right tools with the appropriate features is a must before making any decision to purchase.