DEWALT has been one of the world’s top manufacturers or maker of quality and durable heavy duty equipments. For years the constant and nagging problem of people in the construction industry is to find a tool or set of power tools that could very well provide for real heavy duty service and at the same quality workmanship at an affordable price. It is a given reality as well that good tools do not come cheap, even those made by not so popular brands often also come a bit pricy. DEWALT on the other hand is fortunate to have in their team engineering experts that help design and produce machines that give fast, professional, durable and quality services.


The DEWALT DC970K-2 is one of the tools that the company produced which have through recent times receive many positive reviews from certified product users. So far the service provided by their network has been unmatched in the industry, which is why people have absolute confidence and confidence with equipments they come up with and the job the latter can provide.

The DEWALT DC970K-2 has the following features and specifications to offer and provide, and they are:

  • It is a compact and small size machine that make it possible to fit and use even into the tightest and most limited of conditions
  • They come in convenient lightweight design with only about 5.2 pounds to its actual weight; this is wonderful news for users who have been looking for a tool that effectively  minimize user fatigue and stress from work
  • One power tool that can offer high performance with a motor that delivers maximum power of over 380 unit watts out
  • A versatile tool made better with its dual speed range, of between 0-450 as well as 0-1,500 rpm, it is sure to deliver optimal performance and service at all time
  • A complete and perfect work tool with its 1/2-inch single sleeve key-less ratcheting chuck that assures tighter bit grip until the end of usage
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There are so many tools in the market to choose from and this is good news to customers. This is why the challenge is to pick the best from the rest.