For years the challenge for all power tool manufacturers is to come up with an instrument that can basically, if possible provide for most if not all needs people who are into the use of heavy duty equipments can avail of. The objective is to try and put as much as can be done in one power tool, after all is it not why they are called “power tools” to begin with?

Milwaukee is a company who has been very consistent and persistent in coming up with worthwhile innovations in the power tool making industry. The main task is to provide the working man with an equipment that could effectively alleviate the strain of working in constructions and other like work scenarios. One of the many breakthroughs Milwaukee has made with regards to said task is the Milwaukee 2410-22. The Milwaukee 2410-22 is one of the tools in the M12 series. It is a12 volts drill and driver equipment.

The features and specifications of the Milwaukee 2410-22 include the following:

  • It comes with an easy to adjust 2-speed control which ranges from 0-1,500 and 0-400
  • This equipment is complete with its own all metal gear box, and has about up to 35% faster drilling and fastening capacity
  • It is a very capable machinery that delivers about 28.246207256 (N*m) of torque
  • The Milwaukee 2410 is with a 3/8-inch single sleeve ratcheting metal chuck, that is quite effective in  increasing the bit retention and durability of the equipment
  • It is a package that obviously considers much the convenience of the user because of the inclusion of a portable tool belt; however it is portable only up to   2-1/2 pounds as well as 7-3/8 inches
  • The package is made perfect with the integrated LED work light and inclusion of a fuel gauge; these features definitely increases productivity in work as well as a sure way decreases frustration
  • For more features and specifications click here

Any work that requires the use of heavy duty equipments only means that the latter would be tasking and difficult on the person concern. This being the case it is good to have a reliable, durable and portable instrument to lessen and ease the burden of work.

  1. Rochelle says:

    Went to a local store and was really exicetd for a second. They had the ads posted in front of all the 4 piece kits. The employee brought the coupon and the deal is only for single drills.