Milwaukee is one trusted name in the power tools industry and one item that they introduced which really gathered a lot of good reviews is the Milwaukee 2691-22. The 2691-22 is an 18 volts compact drill, as well as an impact driver from Milwaukee. It is indeed one of the most versatile tools available in the market these days. The Milwaukee 2691-22 has the following features and specifications to offer:

  • This is a powerful equipment with a compact drill and driver that delivers 45.19393161 (N*m) of torque; it weighs about  4 pounds and with the length of 7-3/4 inches
  • An equipment with a 1/4-inch hex compact and full of impact with its 4-pole frameless motor that is very capable to deliver 158.178760634 (N*m) of torque
  • It is so convenient to use because it is lightweight, durable, and small and easy to bring around
  • It comes complete with a built-in LED  work lights that are very useful for those who need to work overtime even with poor lighting and on winter when its natural dim around
  • This equipment is with its own battery fuel gauges to help the user determine and estimate how much power is still available; it is also with variable-speed triggers that are useful in making necessary adjustments with the speed as the need arise
  • It also and inclusion of a belt clip for easier tool use
  • A bonus of two extra compact batteries, and a quick charger as well
  • Furthermore, it is backed by a 5-year warranty on the kit
  • For  more features ans specifications click here

Milwaukee as mentioned was and is a top leader when it comes to utilizing lithium-ion technology in their products. To have this type of power back the Milwaukee 2691-22 is one sure way to ensure that this tool gets the check mark on those who are in the industry. Great battery technology paired up with power features, this piece of machinery can definitely offer a lot to people who would like to get their money’s worth in tools. It may seem more expensive that most equipments, but when one considers the varied services and quality performance it offers then it is easy to see what a bargain the tool is.


  1. Randy says:

    I bought one of these drill/driver combos about 3 years ago. Worth every penny. I’ve used both the drill and the driver extensively and have never been let down. Great power, battery life, weight, charge time, durability and comfortability. Awesome!