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For years the challenge for all power tool manufacturers is to come up with an instrument that can basically, if possible provide for most if not all needs people who are into the use of heavy duty equipments can avail of. The objective is to try and put as much as can be done in […]

I am a very active woodwork hobbyist. There is just something with creating something myself for the house or for others that I find relaxing and worthwhile. I am proud to say that most of our furniture‚Äôs out home came from my workshop and I was even able to sell a few pieces. The tools […]

I have been meaning to replace the old DEWALT drill that we have at work. I made some queries and so far the top contender is the DEWALT DCD710S2. I browsed through Amazon and here interesting facts about it: It comes with maximum initial voltage on its batteries; the measurement was done without actual workload, […]