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I just love power tools. I have been in the construction industry for more years than I can count and the one thing I really appreciate about this work is that I get to use some pretty awesome machinery and work with a variety of power tools, coming from by a variety of manufacturers, like […]

Milwaukee has once again outdone itself with the creation of this tool. It is indeed one of my all time favourite tools now. I am talking about the Milwaukee 2450-22 12 volt impact driver! Needless to say that just like with any other power tools, the 2450-22 is far from perfect and has a few […]

I bought the Bosch PS41-2A Volt max lithium-ion impact driver, during one of the latter’s annual sales event in our locality. The great thing about buying the item in that kind of sale is that you usually come out as a winner for getting an extra battery. I am a carpenter by profession, and I […]

This is one tool by Milwaukee that I really am impressed with. There are just so many great things to discuss and describe about this tool. It is not perfect and I do have some complaints but all in all, the like outweighs the unlike I have of this item. I would like to start […]