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The Makita LCT300W is another nice power tool worth having and including in one’s work equipment or personal collection. This is a cordless 18 volts 3 piece combo, which means that in one kit and with just one time payment the buyer is able to own and use three great power tools. Talk about getting […]

Many have said that the DEWALT DCD760KL is probably the best cordless drill/ driver released in the market. This comparison is of course under the premise that the latter is being compared with other like tools released about the same time that it was. Much of the comments made on said tool were centred on […]

A reliable, heavy duty and preferably portable drill and driver is/ are instruments that have a lot of uses for people who are into the industrial and construction business. Carpenters, renovators, building contractors, electrician, plumbers and auto mechanics are just a few of the groups of people who would most surely appreciate the acquisition of […]

For so many years now the technology in nickel-cadmium has remained unparalleled. It had been then and until now the only suitable battery for all portable equipment; from wireless communications, mobile computing and who would have thought even for cordless power tools, like in the case of the Makita Bare-tool BTD141Z impact driver. The nickel-metal-hydride […]

Buying power tools can be a good investment and at the same time a nice gift idea. On my part, the tools I get often find their way to my work shop. I am a professional carpenter and electrician on the side and to have my own reliable set of tools nearby all the time […]

The DC825KA impact driver is another tools produced by DEWALT, based on my observation of the instrument this model is an improved version of the previous model also released by the same manufacturer. I think it is an improvement of its predecessor (which we used to have), because: I had an easier time driving flat […]