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The Makita BTD141 is a cordless impact driver that has the following features and specifications to offer. This Makita model is built with 4-pole variable speed motor which delivers 0.150269823 (N*m) of Max Torque, and with about 2, 300 RPM and 3, 200 IPM power to it It is a power tool that was designed […]

For so many years now the technology in nickel-cadmium has remained unparalleled. It had been then and until now the only suitable battery for all portable equipment; from wireless communications, mobile computing and who would have thought even for cordless power tools, like in the case of the Makita Bare-tool BTD141Z impact driver. The nickel-metal-hydride […]

What is so good about the DEWALT cordless tool? Cordless power tools are priced among people in the construction industry for that reason that they allow the user to take the tools to the work area instead of bringing the work to the tool as it mostly happens with corded and generally heavier work tools. […]

In our work place, we have been using ordinary drills and drivers for the past eight years or so.  However, two years ago we started the search for the best type of impact driver that we could add to the tools we were utilizing at work.  After much research we were to get the DEWALT […]

The DC825KA impact driver is another tools produced by DEWALT, based on my observation of the instrument this model is an improved version of the previous model also released by the same manufacturer. I think it is an improvement of its predecessor (which we used to have), because: I had an easier time driving flat […]