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We were recently asked by our company if we preferred to add a Bosch PS31-2A to the tools we were now using in the site.  For some time we have been toying with the idea of going exclusive with the tools that we have, but nuances of the equipments we tried make that notion not […]

Since the time I started with the construction, about seven years ago finding the right tools for the site and the shop has always been a major concern for me. Choosing right and buying them correctly is very important in ensuring that we get the work done at the best possible way and that can […]

In the past our company has always relied on either DEWALT or Makita when it comes to the tools we use in the site. It was in our experience that instruments we get from either manufacturer have proven to be very reliable and the performances of the tools prove that they are worth the price […]

I was looking for a lighter tool I could use to interchange with my Bosch 34618 drill I have. As much as I am satisfied with my first Bosch drill I find myself easily getting tired and strained with it, due to its heavy weight. It was a good thing that a friend recommended another […]

I was commissioned to make the picnic table sets for the place’s local park. For that purpose I had to buy a new drill and driver to help me accomplish the task. I already owned a Makita 12V drill, but after just two years of using it I find that I am not at all […]