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Milwaukee is one trusted name in the power tools industry and one item that they introduced which really gathered a lot of good reviews is the Milwaukee 2691-22. The 2691-22 is an 18 volts compact drill, as well as an impact driver from Milwaukee. It is indeed one of the most versatile tools available in […]

The Neiko 3/8 inch close quarters right angle drill offers the following features and specifications: It offers great power with its drill that can work well and be used even for the tight work spots. A tool that can go as far as 55 degree angle if and when needed because of the limited work […]

The Makita LCT300W is another nice power tool worth having and including in one’s work equipment or personal collection. This is a cordless 18 volts 3 piece combo, which means that in one kit and with just one time payment the buyer is able to own and use three great power tools. Talk about getting […]

A reliable, heavy duty and preferably portable drill and driver is/ are instruments that have a lot of uses for people who are into the industrial and construction business. Carpenters, renovators, building contractors, electrician, plumbers and auto mechanics are just a few of the groups of people who would most surely appreciate the acquisition of […]

If you are in a lookout for a worthwhile power tool to purchase then it would be a good move to check out the online shops that do not only provide a list of tools to choose from, they also show the tool’s design as well as give a description of the latter’s features and […]

Our boss in the site got these three sets of brand new DEWALT DC970K-02 drill/ driver kit from Lowe’s. In the past our company usually favoured drills like the Makita 6233D. It is only 14.4 volt compared to DEWALT’s 18V. Our head said that we should be grateful for the upgrade, since it would surely […]

We got the new Black and Decker HPD 18AK-2 for our project down south and I could say that so far it has been working well for us. Most of the men prefer it to the Ryobi 9.6V we have. The crew was able to finish an entire upper deck with just four charges. The […]

I have never been a fan of Makita, ever since I got one of their earlier hand drill models which I ended up sending back to the manufacturers after the three days of frustrating work performance I got from it. This is the reason why for so many years I became more of a Bosch […]

After reading the nice reviews about this product, I decided to also add my two cents worth of opinion on the matter. As a plumber it is necessary that I get to have the right kind of tool for the work I do. If something is reliable, portable on top of being compact then you […]

  The Bosch CLPK23 is surely another breakthrough in the drill/ driver industry. This is the kind of tool that anybody with an expertise or even slight knowledge of work done in a construction, would definitely appreciate. Why do I like this product? Well, let me count the ways: It is an 18-volt Litheon compact […]