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DEWALT has been one of the world’s top manufacturers or maker of quality and durable heavy duty equipments. For years the constant and nagging problem of people in the construction industry is to find a tool or set of power tools that could very well provide for real heavy duty service and at the same […]

Milwaukee is a trusted by contractors across the world when it comes to power tools. Where power tools are concern reliable and trusted manufacturers are vital in considering a new purchase or order. This does not however mean that the choices are limited. On the contrary this era is very lucky, because of the wealth […]

Many have said that the DEWALT DCD760KL is probably the best cordless drill/ driver released in the market. This comparison is of course under the premise that the latter is being compared with other like tools released about the same time that it was. Much of the comments made on said tool were centred on […]

Our boss in the site got these three sets of brand new DEWALT DC970K-02 drill/ driver kit from Lowe’s. In the past our company usually favoured drills like the Makita 6233D. It is only 14.4 volt compared to DEWALT’s 18V. Our head said that we should be grateful for the upgrade, since it would surely […]

Since the time I started with the construction, about seven years ago finding the right tools for the site and the shop has always been a major concern for me. Choosing right and buying them correctly is very important in ensuring that we get the work done at the best possible way and that can […]

I was never a person who buys things automatically just because of the credibility the brand name of the product offers. This is particularly true whenever I decided on a new power tool to purchase.  Can anyone blame me considering the cost of these stuffs? Even those that are considered cheap still cost a lot […]

The construction industry remains to be one of the more competitive lines of business to be involved with these days. It is simply a big mistake to take for granted anything about it. This is why, though I have been a contractor for more than a decade now, I still take time to learn new […]

Our company has just purchased a couple of DEWALT DC720KA and I must say I am not as impressed with this model as I was with DEWALT DCD760KL I got from Lowe’s. Well, for starters the battery kept acting up and it was really causing too much delay to have to stop from time to […]

Recently I received a gift from one of our company suppliers and I found that it was a brand new Milwaukee 2691. In the site what we usually use is either a Bosch or Makita made device, so I found interesting to have the chance to try out a different model; one made by Milwaukee […]

I have never been a fan of Makita, ever since I got one of their earlier hand drill models which I ended up sending back to the manufacturers after the three days of frustrating work performance I got from it. This is the reason why for so many years I became more of a Bosch […]