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Makita is without one of the world’s leading brand names when it comes to production of quality, durable and flawless power tool performance.  This company which originated from Japan has from the beginning an aim to become the best supplier of electric power tools known in the world, an objective that by all accounts the […]

The DCD970KL is a very good tool that was produced and released in the market by DEWALT. It is one of the tools that easily made a lot of notice when it came out because of the impressive features that it had. The DEWALT DCD970KL is actually n 18 volts hammer drill, drill as well […]

Through the years DEWALT has been a major contributor in producing quality and durable industrial heavy duty equipments. The number quality power tools released by DEWALT in the market continuously and consistently grow in number as years pass. One of the company’s most recent popular contributions is the DEWALT Bare-tool DCD950B. The DEWALT DCD950B is […]

DEWALT is a trusted name in the industry of making construction and industrial tools. Gone are the days when contractors, electricians, renovators, plumbers and other like type of workers need to have big muscles and be as strong as an ox in order to qualify for the kind of work that they do. These days […]

  I have been engaged in the trade of fixing and sometimes recalibrating of power tools for so many years. From DEWALT, Bosch Milwaukee, Makita, Hitachi to Black and Decker name it I have tried repairing it at one time or another. This is the reason why I can say with conviction that DEWALT is […]

DEWALT is really good in not just coming out with new models but also with upgrading their best sellers and reliable tools. Like in my case, my dad had a DEWALT XRP for over eight years and it was only early this year that a crack started to appear on it. The drill still runs […]

For years DEWALT is one manufacturer that I have come to trust and rely on. For this reason I have in my collection a couple of DEWALT power tools, mostly cordless ones, although for really heavy duty work I still prefer the corded one I have. Unfortunately though I noticed that in recent years there […]