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The Makita BTD141 is a cordless impact driver that has the following features and specifications to offer. This Makita model is built with 4-pole variable speed motor which delivers 0.150269823 (N*m) of Max Torque, and with about 2, 300 RPM and 3, 200 IPM power to it It is a power tool that was designed […]

Part of the DEWALT DC827KL impact driver specifications and features are the following: It is a power tool that comes with a frameless motor and also with replaceable brushes for extended tool durability as well as life A powerful equipment designed and built with a compact size Not only is the size small, this impact […]

It is so easy to observe that technology advancement brings so much challenge in any type of industry. It is a challenge that manufacturers and distributors of products have to confront and deal with at all times and for any cost. The simple rule in technology is that the one can offer the latest and […]

What is so good about the DEWALT cordless tool? Cordless power tools are priced among people in the construction industry for that reason that they allow the user to take the tools to the work area instead of bringing the work to the tool as it mostly happens with corded and generally heavier work tools. […]

For an impact driver that is only 12 volts, the Milwaukee 2450-22 is a real keeper. Here are a few of the things this wonderful equipment offers: Like I said it is powered by 12-volts LITHIUM-ION battery. Not as powerful as the bigger 18 volt tools are, but nevertheless offers longer usage-time, battery life span […]

I just love power tools. I have been in the construction industry for more years than I can count and the one thing I really appreciate about this work is that I get to use some pretty awesome machinery and work with a variety of power tools, coming from by a variety of manufacturers, like […]

I bought the Bosch PS41-2A Volt max lithium-ion impact driver, during one of the latter’s annual sales event in our locality. The great thing about buying the item in that kind of sale is that you usually come out as a winner for getting an extra battery. I am a carpenter by profession, and I […]

This is one tool by Milwaukee that I really am impressed with. There are just so many great things to discuss and describe about this tool. It is not perfect and I do have some complaints but all in all, the like outweighs the unlike I have of this item. I would like to start […]