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As a carpenter and at the same time contractor, I really appreciate that we now have Amazon. It is good to have somewhere you can easily click on to get the latest on power tools, the price, their specifications and of course a directory of where we can order them from. Amazon surely makes my […]

The construction industry remains to be one of the more competitive lines of business to be involved with these days. It is simply a big mistake to take for granted anything about it. This is why, though I have been a contractor for more than a decade now, I still take time to learn new […]

In our work place, we have been using ordinary drills and drivers for the past eight years or so.  However, two years ago we started the search for the best type of impact driver that we could add to the tools we were utilizing at work.  After much research we were to get the DEWALT […]

Buying power tools can be a good investment and at the same time a nice gift idea. On my part, the tools I get often find their way to my work shop. I am a professional carpenter and electrician on the side and to have my own reliable set of tools nearby all the time […]