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Many have said that the DEWALT DCD760KL is probably the best cordless drill/ driver released in the market. This comparison is of course under the premise that the latter is being compared with other like tools released about the same time that it was. Much of the comments made on said tool were centred on […]

A reliable, heavy duty and preferably portable drill and driver is/ are instruments that have a lot of uses for people who are into the industrial and construction business. Carpenters, renovators, building contractors, electrician, plumbers and auto mechanics are just a few of the groups of people who would most surely appreciate the acquisition of […]

The construction industry remains to be one of the more competitive lines of business to be involved with these days. It is simply a big mistake to take for granted anything about it. This is why, though I have been a contractor for more than a decade now, I still take time to learn new […]

After over two years of using a 14.4 volt drill I would say that I am very satisfied with the kind performance I have been getting from the said tool. However, recently I needed a stronger and a higher performing type of construction tool. My project involved a completion of the flooring for the newly […]

If you are in the market looking for the most powerful drill around, then I suggest you try your sights on the DEWALT DCD760KL. I know I did and I am very happy for doing so. Before I found a gold mine in this DCD760KL I also had to go through my share of Bosch, […]