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Makita is without one of the world’s leading brand names when it comes to production of quality, durable and flawless power tool performance.  This company which originated from Japan has from the beginning an aim to become the best supplier of electric power tools known in the world, an objective that by all accounts the […]

The Makita BTD141 is a cordless impact driver that has the following features and specifications to offer. This Makita model is built with 4-pole variable speed motor which delivers 0.150269823 (N*m) of Max Torque, and with about 2, 300 RPM and 3, 200 IPM power to it It is a power tool that was designed […]

The Makita LCT300W is another nice power tool worth having and including in one’s work equipment or personal collection. This is a cordless 18 volts 3 piece combo, which means that in one kit and with just one time payment the buyer is able to own and use three great power tools. Talk about getting […]

The Makita BTL061 is a product that is worth dollars it is paid for. This cordless angle impact driver by Makita has the following features to it:Edit • It comes with a new compact, and yet heavy duty design. It was laid out and manufactured in such a way that the user can enjoy an […]

Among the power tool makers in the industry, Makita is without a doubt one of the best. The fact alone that it has been in the business for as long as it has is testament enough of how good the company and consequently the products presumably are too.  Nevertheless it would be good to note […]

For so many years now the technology in nickel-cadmium has remained unparalleled. It had been then and until now the only suitable battery for all portable equipment; from wireless communications, mobile computing and who would have thought even for cordless power tools, like in the case of the Makita Bare-tool BTD141Z impact driver. The nickel-metal-hydride […]

  My brother got me into the hobby of making home repairs myself and I found I actually enjoyed it. This got me started with collecting power tools to help with the projects I had.  From the time I started till now the DEWALT 18V has always been one of my favorite tools. Other than […]