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Robert Bosch is the founder of the Bosch company we know of today. The Bosch Incorporated is actually a regional branch of the Bosch Group, the latter being a leading global manufacturer and supplier of automotive as well as industrial technology, consumer goods, and of course building technology, hence the advent and immediate popularity of […]

The Bosch 11225VSR has the following specifications and features to offer: It is a rotary hammer backed with 24 volts power with the help of 1.7 A-h batteries The Bosch 11225VSR is a powerful tool that is capable of making about 90 holes and all of it can be done with just one charge. The […]

Milwaukee is a trusted by contractors across the world when it comes to power tools. Where power tools are concern reliable and trusted manufacturers are vital in considering a new purchase or order. This does not however mean that the choices are limited. On the contrary this era is very lucky, because of the wealth […]

When it comes to power tools it is always a good idea to stick to the brand or manufacturer you already know. It means that it is generally in the advantage of the user or buyer to go for tools that are made or produced by company’s they are already familiar with. In most cases, […]

The Hitachi WH10DCL impact drivers have the following features and specifications: With about 29.940979691 (N*m) of turning torque It is geared with an angled low-profile head  that allows the tool to easily fit even into really hard to reach areas; it can go through most corners with so much ease that is not usually experienced […]

The Neiko 3/8 inch close quarters right angle drill offers the following features and specifications: It offers great power with its drill that can work well and be used even for the tight work spots. A tool that can go as far as 55 degree angle if and when needed because of the limited work […]

The Makita BTL061 is a product that is worth dollars it is paid for. This cordless angle impact driver by Makita has the following features to it:Edit • It comes with a new compact, and yet heavy duty design. It was laid out and manufactured in such a way that the user can enjoy an […]

Many have said that the DEWALT DCD760KL is probably the best cordless drill/ driver released in the market. This comparison is of course under the premise that the latter is being compared with other like tools released about the same time that it was. Much of the comments made on said tool were centred on […]

A reliable, heavy duty and preferably portable drill and driver is/ are instruments that have a lot of uses for people who are into the industrial and construction business. Carpenters, renovators, building contractors, electrician, plumbers and auto mechanics are just a few of the groups of people who would most surely appreciate the acquisition of […]

The construction industry remains to be one of the more competitive lines of business to be involved with these days. It is simply a big mistake to take for granted anything about it. This is why, though I have been a contractor for more than a decade now, I still take time to learn new […]